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Full Dance Workout

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TitleDays of the weekTimetableStatus / PeriodPrice
Full Dance WorkoutMON, WED, FRI6 - 7 PMEntries in progress!300 kn

Attractive Full Dance Workout is a mix of dances like Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Swing, Hip hop and Rock’n’roll combined with exercising.
It is also very fun and interesting way to become fit and in good condition. Combined energy with motivating music and unique movements on quick and slow rhythms.
The goal is to get harmonious body and good muscle tone. Steps are easy to learn.

You don’t need a partner and there is no age limit, You can join whether You are 16 or 66!

Check our price list for Full dance workout and book Your place by calling us or by mail, but You can sign in only in Dance center Zagreb by Nicolas!

We have new entries for the group every month!

full dance workout