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Hip Hop

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Hip Hop
Hip Hop for kidsSAT10:30 - 12:00Entries in progress!

Our dance instructor who has been dancing for 13 years has expanded our knowledge of hip hop as well as funk pod, belonging to Popping (in very simple words ‘robot dance’). locking and breaking, popularly called breakdance.

All these dances were popular in the eighties, which are by many music and dance lovers considered the most productive years. Among other things, Michael Jackson ruled the 80’s.

Our hip hop instructor is educated in lots of other hip hop styles, such as hype (MC Hammer popularised it a lot), new style and house.

The most important thing is that hip hop teaches us how to improvise to given music, so the main characteristic of hip hop is – freestyle.

Well, dear dancers, if this is not enough information … come and find out for yourselves. Everybody is invited, the dance centre members and newcomers alike.

Wear comfortable clothes (a tracksuit and trainers) and come to ‘hop’ with us.