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A cocktail of hot Latin rhythms


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Salsa and Bachata
Latin Jam - 16 + 16 hoursFRI20:00 - 22:00Entries in progress! Planned start October, 18th!700 kn or two monthly payment per 350 kn
cash payment 600 kn

It evolved (was discovered) in the 50’s (Cuba), the 60’s (the USA), the 80’s (Europe)

Characteristics: Salsa can be wild, romantic, fast or slow. Female dancers often rotate. There are lots of turns and rotation as well as African movements. Salsa is a very provocative dance.

There are lots of different styles of salsa (we are the real lovers of Cuban salsa and its rotational motion), but the most important thing is to let your body simply react to music!

Salsa dance classes are held regularly (when the group is formed) at The Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas. Contact us for more information.

In Dance Center Zagreb you can learn to dance Salsa as part of Latin Dance Classes.

Salsa - strastveni koktel latino ritmova

Latino tečaj – strastveni koktel latino ritmova