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Types of dances: One step swing, East coast swing, West coast swing


TitleDays of the weekTimetableStatus / Period 


West coast swing 6 h MON19:00 - 20:30Entries in progress! Starts February, 10th!300 kn

A two week course offer – very interesting and extremely entertaining. You will enjoy rock music and briefly go back to the atmosphere of the 40’s of the twentieth century and cheerful rhythms of Boogie Woogie as well as other swing dances.

West Coast Swing dance has its roots in Lindy Hop. It emerged in the 40’s of the twentieth century. At the time, it was a regional version of swing called ‘Western Swing’ and only during the 60’s it was given its present name. In the decades of development it has become visually closer to Latin style, but it has retained the main elements of Lindy Hop, such as dance elasticity, rhythmic diversity of dance images and linear movement of dancers. This dance has its own distinctive look – relaxed and fun. Both male and female dancers are allowed to improvise, which in turn gives a lot of freedom in interpreting the variety of music to which West Coast Swing can be danced.

The price for one month course, 6 hours, is 200 HRK.

Here you can see the performance of top dancers ( Robert Cordoba and Deborah Szekely):