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Dancing with the Stars TV show


Dancing with the Stars ... It all started back in 2004, in England. The fever of the popular TV show spread quickly throughout the world, and thus also in Croatia. One of the most watched TV shows finally paid tribute to dance and put it in the long deserved place - the place of great skill and art! It is an exceptionally positive show, full of beauty and glamor, always greeted with joy.
We are very proud of Nicolas Quesnoit - Croatian Frenchman, our most beloved, charismatic, optimistic, probably the most memorable winner of the first Dancing with the Stars TV show. We are also proud of our top dance students, today's dance teachers and professionals who successfully participated in Dancing with the Stars TV show and represented The Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas, where they had the opportunity to learn from Ksenija and Nicolas, their best dance instructors.

Ksenija i Nicolas – Ples sa zvijezdama – Božić 2010.
The Dance Centre Zagreb You are our star, and we Your professionals!

Kronologija natjecanja PCZ-a u Plesu sa zvijezdama:
Sezona / emisijaGodinaPlesni parRezultat
1. sezona2006.Zrinka Cvitešić i Nicolas Quesnoitpobjednici
Zoran Vakula i Ksenija Plušćec
2. sezona2007.Danijela Martinović i Nicolas Quesnoit
3. sezona2008.Daniela Trbović i Nicolas Quesnoitpolufinale
4. sezona2009.Ana Ugarković i Nicolas Quesnoitpolufinale
5. sezona2010.Martina Bastić i Bojan Jambrošićpolufinale
Ana Domišljanović i Petar Vlahov
Božićni specijal2010.Zrinka Cvitešić i Nicolas Quesnoitpobjednici
Božićni specijal2011.Daniela Trbović i Nicolas Quesnoitpobjednici
8. sezona2013.Sanda Dubravčić Šimunjak i Nicolas Quesnoitfinale

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